Legislation & Policy Initiatives

Shaneka Henson fights for equitable solutions to our challenges. She upholds progressive values with a steadfast belief that we need leaders whom don't merely support progressive change, but fight for it. Read on to learn more of the policies/legislation championed by Shaneka Henson.

Labor and Employment – Wage History and Wage Range

Ch. 67 | 2020

Shaneka Henson worked with colleagues to ban forced disclosure of salary histories and the use of wage histories to depress salary offerings. Henson  testified before the House Economic Matters Committee about her personal experience with the matter and shared statistics showing the disproportionate harm to woman and minority hires.

Stormwater Management Regulations and Watershed Implementation Plans

HB295 | 2021

Shaneka Henson worked with colleagues to update and modernize the State's stormwater management plans and watershed improvement plans to respond to climate change and more frequent severe weather events.

City of Annapolis – Housing Authority – Prohibitions Against Exceptions

Ch. 241 | 2020

Shaneka Henson responded to discriminatory housing practices in the City of Annapolis by introducing legislation to ban exemptions to housing safety laws, which prior to the bill, allowed the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis to overlook dangerous defects existing in public housing.

Legal Education Success Collaborative- Established

HB 1268 | 2021

Shaneka Henson worked with Maryland's four HBCU's and each the University of Maryland School of Law and University of Baltimore School of Law to establish mentoring and scholarship support to bolster diversity in the legal profession from HBCU recruits. 

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