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Delegate Shaneka Henson Responds to Ethics Committee Inquiry with Commitment to Community, Integrity, and Transparency

Annapolis, MD (April 10, 2024) – I extend my sincere apologies for any appearance of conflict related to my relationship with Kingdom Kare, Inc. and the Veterans Resource Center.


I want to emphasize that I did not file the legislative bond bills at issue. They were filed by another delegate in a different district, and I had no participation in the process nor knowledge that I was listed as legal counsel for Kingdom Kare. I disclosed my engagement with Kingdom Kare appropriately, which was after the organization was awarded funds that they obtained without my involvement.


While I understand the importance of upholding ethical standards, I believe it's essential to recognize and support organizations like Kingdom Kare that are making a tangible difference in the lives of Marylanders. I’m grateful that this inquiry did not impede their great work, as it's too important for politics to get in the way of such vital community efforts. I am deeply impressed by their commitment to our community which is evident through their diverse range of services, including a childcare center, family support center, food distribution, mentoring programs, health ambassador initiatives, violence interruption programs, and the invaluable support provided to our veterans.


Additionally, it's important to note that I have been a member of Kingdom Celebration Center, Kingdom Kare's affiliate, for 13 years. My time there predates my public service, and my involvement with the church has been a significant part of my life journey. Faith has always been a cornerstone of my life, and my church family has been a source of strength and accountability for me throughout the years. Their values of service and compassion align closely with my own, and I am proud to support their efforts to uplift and empower our community.


I was honored to be recognized by the Annapolis Juneteenth Committee along with Speaker Adrienne Jones three years ago. It's important to note that my position as delegate was not used to promote my legal practice at this event. The organizers are close family friends who I have known since childhood.


I appreciate the thoroughness of the Ethics Committee's review and their dedication to upholding ethical standards within our legislative body. However, I also hope that future communications from the Ethics Committee can strike a more collaborative and constructive tone, fostering open dialogue and understanding.


I am thankful for the committee's reminder of the guardrails embedded in our process that keep our members and processes integral. I intend to meet with our ethics advisors to refresh my understanding and interpretation of the Committee’s letter to avoid any conflicts.


I remain committed to advocating for the vital work of organizations like Kingdom Kare and continuing to serve my constituents with integrity and dedication.


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