Shaneka Henson
Delegate District 30A

Our Delegate Fights for Us!

As an elected official since 2017, Shaneka Henson entered the Maryland House of Delegates after the passing of Maryland's beloved former Speaker Mike Busch. Her bold and passionate leadership is here to pave the way and change the narrative in Annapolis.

Working for Us

Our Delegate Shaneka Henson


Shaneka Henson believes that safe, affordable, and non-discriminatory housing for all is a human right. Henson fights for public and private expansion of affordable housing implemented with sustainable, smart growth strategies.

Health Care

Shaneka Henson is a passionate advocate for open and equitable access to health and wellness resources/services. Delegate Henson fights for health education, growth and preservation of public parks, workplace safety, and preventative care. She pushes for expansions to public healthcare and access to healthcare for all.


Shaneka Henson is proud to support and push for the use of clean & renewable energy, water quality regulations aligned with the Chesapeake Bay "pollution diet" and air quality standards (indoor and atmospheric) that sustain healthy communities. Henson believes supporting a healthy environment is critical to civilization worldwide.


Shaneka Henson fights for every student's opportunity to access high quality education regardless of their zip-code and family status. Henson tackles opportunity gaps in the education system head-on and fights to ensure that all students are prepared for success.

Public Safety

Shaneka Henson is committed to getting guns and other dangerous weapons out of places they don't belong and supporting survivors and communities impacted by violence. Henson fights for community-based public safety solutions that effectively respond to crime but increasingly prevent and deter its occurrence.

Worker Protections & Human Rights

Shaneka Henson is proud to support and fight for safe working conditions and equitably paid livable wages to workers with an ability to organize and engage collectively. Henson believes that the economic forces which contribute to human rights abuses must be confronted head-on.

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Delegate Shaneka Henson at Statehouse Maryland

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Jun 04, 10:00 AM
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