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Shaneka Henson in the foreground with the City of Annapolis in the background.
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SHANEKA HENSON Maryland Delegate

She Gets the

Job Done

Building a Resilient District 30-A

As an elected official since 2017, Shaneka continues to serve her community of Annapolis, where she was born and raised. 

What We Stand For

Shaneka is deeply committed to creating change on issues that impact her community. See below to learn more about her priorities.

Public Safety

Shaneka believes public safety extends beyond the law.

Shaneka Henson_APD Look Away

In collaboration with legislators, community leaders, and other stakeholders, Shaneka Henson works to build and invest in comprehensive community-based public infrastructure that focuses on creating a robust and multi-sector public safety ecosystem that unites all levels of government, organizations, and people that support health and safety. 

What We Stand For


Shaneka Henson has been a leader in several of the District’s most significant education and criminal justice rebuilding. Thank you to our community leaders, community organizations, and other stakeholders for supporting Shaneka’s consistent and collaborative efforts in changing the hearts, minds, and bureaucracies in many of the most complex areas of public policy.


Shaneka in the Community

Join Friends of Shaneka Henson as we do good for others and our community. Connect with us using the buttons below.

Friends of Shaneka Henson at a parade
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State Office

Delegate Shaneka Henson

6 Bladen Street, Room 154

Annapolis, MD 21401

410-841-3045 | 301-858-3045



Friends of Shaneka Henson

P.O. Box 5743

Annapolis, MD 21430


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